Dog Day Care

Day-Only Boarding

Our Doggy Day Care Services

Our facility offers several features to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Each dog or pet family is secure in their own private kennel. Our kennels have walls with a chain-link gate and a hard plastic door that our staff can open and shut as needed. Doors are usually left open during the day depending on the weather and each dog’s social needs, and are then shut again at night.

We have concrete floors with built-in radiant heat that keeps the floors, employees, and especially the dogs warm during the colder months. Our ceiling houses a state-of-the-art ventilation system to bring fresh air in.

During the summer, our concrete floors provide a cool place to lie down while the air conditioners pump cool air from the ceiling.

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Day-Only Boarding (Day Care) Pricing

Day-Only Boarding (Day Care) Day Care Rate
One Dog (Full Day) $20 / Full Day
One Dog (Half Day) $15 / Half Day
Two Dogs (In the same kennel) (Full Day) $28 / Full Day
Two Dogs (In the same kennel) (Half Day) $23 / Half Day
Three Dogs (In the same kennel) (Full Day) $36 / Full Day
Three Dogs (In the same kennel) (Half Day) $31 / Half Day
Kennel Food Pricing
Dog Food (Pricing Per Dog) $3/ Per Day
Cat Food (Pricing Per Cat) $2 / Per Day

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re positive you have questions about the care of your pets. And while we are more then happy to answer all of them via email or phone. The following are some of the most frequent questions we get asked.

If you don’t see the question below, call us at (719) 647-2459 or email us and we would be happy to answer it for you.

You are more then welcome to bring anything that will make your pet feel more at home. Treats and toys are more then welcome. We do provide dishes and mats, but again you are more then welcome to bring your own. We only ask that you not bring large beds because sometimes the dogs can get bored and chew them up and we do like to keep the kennel nice and fresh and wash the dog’s beds.
We do prefer that you bring your own food. Your pets will be in an unfamiliar place and sometimes changing their food especially when they’re nervous can cause upset stomachs. 
Dog Food: $3 per dog per day
Cat Food: $2 per cat per day
Yes. We will give your pet their medications as instructed and we try to stay with the same schedule as you do at home. The only kind of medication we cannot administer are injections; under the Colorado Department of Agriculture only a certified vet tech can administer injections in a pet care facility.
Bring as much as you think your pet will need through their stay. You may also want to pack a couple extra days worth if you are traveling just in case.

Dogs with Indoor/Outdoor kennels are allowed to go out as often as they like when we have the doors open. They are closed at night and during extreme weather. Each dog and family of dogs are let out at least 4 times a day into our exercise yard.

Though we don’t let the cats outside, they are let out into the cat room. We rotate them depending on how many we have and how long they would like to be out. Some cats like to sit in their kennel while others like to play and sit in the window sill.

No. Your pet will go out by themselves or with their family members. Your pet will be able to see the other animals through our gates, but they won’t be able to physically interact. If you are boarding with a friend, we can let the pets out together with permission from you and your friend.
We do not have a check in time. You are welcome to bring your pet in anytime during the day, but we do suggest you come before 4:00 p.m. so your pet can settle in before we leave for the night.
Our check out time is 1:00 p.m. You can pick your dog up after that time, but you will be charged for an additional day.
Yes. All breeds are welcome to stay at Mountain View Pet Lodge.
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Convenient Scheduling

We offer convenient scheduling options so you can plan your pets stay or services in advance. Visit the links below to setup your account and/or to make your reservation.

Professional Pet Care

Our goal is to provide a safe, clean and happy environment for your pet while you are away.